Holiday Gift Guide: Large - X-Large Dogs

Check out our gift recs for the larger pups out there!
  1. Croissant 'Nosework' Toy.  This delicious looking toy is made from a durable double layer hypoallergenic fabric with a plastic wrapper embedded between to create a rustling sound.  Hide treats in the 3 interior pouches & roll up the croissant - what a fun way to keep your pup occupied! 
  2. Le Classic Harness.  Just a beautiful, sturdy harness.  Leash can be connected in front or back.
  3. LOVER NOT A BITER.  Is your pup a gentle giant? Would never hurt a soul?! This is the perfect gift.
  4. The City Dog Collar.   This collar is extra wide with clear plastic hardware so it's lightweight.  Just a super cool collar.    
  5. Grey Dog Raincoat.  Fantastic double layer raincoat with detachable hood and harness hole.  Will definitely keep your pup dry on those rainy day walks! 
  6. Canvas Hex Dog Bed.  Need a tough, but comfy bed for your sturdy dog? This is a chic, durable dog bed made from rugged tight woven canvas that can withstand scratching and thrashing.  
  7. Classic Christmas Dog Bow-tie.  Hey, the dog needs something special to wear for the holidays and for the photos too!
  8. Beef Bourguignon Dog Biscuits Made in small batches from 100% hormone-free beef.  Talk about gourmet.
  9. Oh Snap! Dinosaur Dog Toy.  Dinosaur plush squeaky toy eating crinkly gingerbread snaps.  Your dog needs this.

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