Holiday Gift Guide: Medium Dogs

Check out our gift giving guide for medium sized dogs!


1.  Le Classic Collar.   This chic collar comes in 4 stunning colorways.  Take your pick!  

2.  The Summit Stretch Vest.  This jacket has a cool black and grey camo pattern, fleeced interior, and also has a harness hole.  Check out size 18.   

3.  Beef Stars.  Yummy chewy beef treats - not too big and not to small.  Perfect for medium sized pups! 

4.  Animal Print Sweatshirt.  Chic, graphic animal print sweatshirt with fleeced interior.  Soft, warm and so stylish!

5.  Emotional Support Dog.  In case people wonder why you take your dog everywhere.  For emotional support of course! 

6.  Cheez Balls.  Balls that bounce, beep and are bright orange like those salty yummy cheez balls - your dog will absolutely love.  Upgrade your game of fetch this holiday.  

7.  Grrrona Squeaky Dog Toy.    Have your dog attack the GRRRONA with this squeaky toy.    

8.  Ramen Nosework Dog Toy.  Hide treats in the pouches to have noodles and oodles of fun!  Keep your dog occupied and sniffing - your dog will love this toy & so will you!  

9.  MB Pod Dog Bed.   Absolutely the softest, coziest bed out there.  Will be your pup's favorite place to sleep (besides next to you).    

10. Reindeer Plush Dog Toy.  Did Bambi grow antlers? Just the cutest squeaky reindeer around.  


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