Holiday Gift Guide: Small Dogs

Check out our gift ideas for small pups below!



1.  Turntable Nosework Toy for Dogs.    Get your dog to DJ with this cool spinning nosework toy.  Can double as a slow feeder too!

2.  Teepee Dog Tent.  This beautiful handcrafted little sanctuary will bring the comfort, security, and privacy your fur baby deserves!  

3.  Beeping Bunny Slippers.   Seriously, how cute are these slippers?  They also beep and you can hide treats in them.  And if you have 2 pups, they each can have one! 

4. Pocket Runner Coat.  This is just a great quality staple winter coat your pup can use forever.

5.  Animal Print Collar.   This gorgeous leather collar is hand painted by artisans in Australia - for a really unique gift!      

6.  CUTE BUT PSYCHO. BUT CUTE.   Is there something fierce behind that fluffy exterior?  Are they so cute they can basically get away with anything?  This is the dog collar charm for them...

7.  Tiger Onesie.   Perfect long johns when your pup needs that extra warmth on those chilly days.

8.  Buckle up Easy Harness.   Fantastic lightweight, easy to put on, comfortable harness for your pup.  

9.  Monogram Sweater.   This sweater is the perfect gift for all the haute couture pups and their stylish owners.  

10.  JL Duffel Pet Carrier.  Keep your pup comfy and tote them in style with the green camo print with a red stripe accent airline approved pet carrier.  

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