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Town Dog Harness
Von $35.00
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Susan Lanci Designs
Giltmore Crystal Tinkie Dog Harness
Von $81.00
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Susan Lanci Designs
Tinkie Rock Star Dog Harness
Von $81.00
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Comfort Dog Harness
Von $33.00
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Dog Harnesses

Finding a harness comfortable to wear for your pup is no easy task.  MiAmore Pets offers several different types of harnesses that are not only comfortable, but innovative AND stylish that make walking your dog so much easier! 

Browse our collection and you'll find no pull, back and front clip harnesses, even ones with a leash attachment point in both the front and back.  We have the best harnesses on the market.  Leather, water proof biothane, fabric, vest, step-in harnesses, the list goes on...  And styles that can fit any dog body - tiny teacup dogs, small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs and even cat harnesses - you name it, we got it! 

Shop the style, pattern and fit that suits both you and your dog online now at MiAmore Pets.