snuggle cave dog bed - flannel
Snuggle Cave Dog Bed - Flannel
Snuggle Cave Dog Bed - Flannel
Snuggle Cave Dog Bed - Flannel
Snuggle Cave Dog Bed - Flannel
Kona Cave

Snuggle Cave Dog Bed - Flannel

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Does your dog like to snuggle under the covers or lie under furniture? If so, he is telling you that he craves the comfort and security of his natural sleeping environment.

Dogs are den animals and crave the security of a sleeping cave. Dogs have three natural sleeping instincts: they like to fluff their sleeping spot or cushion, they want to lean against something for comfort and support, and they desire a protective cover or “cave” when they sleep.

The patent protected KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave Bed fulfills all three of your dog’s sleeping instincts, providing them with their ultimate natural sleeping environment - while looking beautiful in your home.


  • KONA CAVE® is eco-friendly. Our upholstered bed covers, pillow fills and trims are all Standard 100 Öko-Tex certified fabrics. This means that, at every point in production, these fabrics are safe for the environment, your pet and your home. KONA CAVE® uses only vegan-friendly leather on all of our products.
  • Bed cover – Standard 100 Öko-Tex® certified, high-grade upholstery fabric made from wrinkle-resistant polyester
  • Cushion and cave top lining – soft Sherpa fleece made from lightweight polyester
  • Leather trim - vegan-friendly Standard 100 Öko-Tex® certified polyester leatherette
  • Inner cushions - filled with Standard 100 Öko-Tex® certified siliconized polyester balls
  • Our high-quality inner cushion fillings are lightweight and lofty giving your dog a heavenly sleep, while being strong enough to support their weight and joints
  • Inner cushions are dust and allergen resistant for your dog’s health and comfort

Please note: As this item ships directly from the manufacturer overseas - returns are only permitted if the product is defective.

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