(Updated April 2024) 

Charlie's Backyard:  Buckle-up Easy Harness

  • Best suited for dogs 5-30 lbs
  • Super EASY to put on
  • Lightweight & comfortable  
  • There is a little give, but this harness is NOT adjustable

This is our best selling harness and for good reason!  We love this harness for it's simple, light-weight design and ease of getting on,  only wish they had more colors!

Perfect for the practical owner with a small to medium sized dog where convenience is King.

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Charlie's Backyard:  Easy Harness

  • Best suited for dogs 5-30 lbs
  • Same lightweight design & comfortable fit as the Buckle Up Harness   
  • Adjustable ensuring a good fit - great for growing puppies, can easily put on over clothing, accommodate for weight loss/gain
  • Not as easy to put on as the Buckle Up Harness - have to put the head through the harness 

Perfect for the practical owner with a growing puppy or a small to medium sized dog who doesn't wiggle around too much while getting the harness on! 

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Charlie's Backyard:  Comfort Harness

  • Best suited for dogs 4.5-40 lbs
  • Adjustable ensuring a secure and comfortable fit 
  • Excellent cushioning, breathability - designed to be like a second skin on your pup 

This is an excellent harness for a small to medium sized escape artist type of dog! 

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Buddy Belts:  Premium Leather Harness

  • Excellent harness for teacup & toy dogs with delicate neck areas (yes, they come in itty bitty sizes
  • Designed to eliminate stress to the neck and trachea 
  • Adjustable ensuring a custom secure fit - your pup won't be wiggling out! 
  • High quality genuine pebble grain, soft & supple leather

Fantastic harness in general but especially for small breeds and the owner with the penchant for classic, quality made goods!

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Saint Rue:  Le Classic Harness

  • Super chic design  
  • We've found this best suited for dogs 12+ lbs - hardware & straps could overwhelm smaller dogs  
  • Adjustable
  • 2 leash connection points - a no-pull connection in the front as well as a standard connection at the back 
  • Easy to care for - totally washable! 

Perfect for the stylish owner with a medium to large sized dog.

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Hozi:  All-in-One Harness

  • Super cool innovative & chic all-in-one design  
  • We've found this best suited for dogs 10+ lbs - works great with barrel chested pups who are difficult to fit! 
  • Everything's adjustable from leash length to harness fit

Perfect for those who appreciate minimalistic modern innovative design.

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Charlie's Backyard:  Town Harness

Charlie's Backyard's newest harness line featuring their trademark simple design ethos and high quality, robust, yet light-weight and comfortable material.  Fits a larger range of dogs than their classic Easy Harness line.  

  • Best suited for dogs 6-75 lbs
  • Lightweight & comfortable  
  • Adjustable

Great, sturdy, high quality harness for adventure dogs!

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April 08, 2024 — Sara Choi