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Ray All-In-One Dog Harness & Leash - Camel

The Ray Harness is 100% handmade and an exclusive, utility patent-pending all-in-one design that is constructed to make your everyday routine easier. Using a single piece of padded interwoven synthetic silk fiber rope and a series of Buttero leather features, you can easily attach and detach your pet’s harness in a fluid movement. Designed with thoughtful attention to comfort, utility, and beauty, the Ray Harness is a simple and chic accessory for pet owners who love to be on the go.

Color:  Camel

Materials: Customized Silk Rayon Rope and Italian Buttero Vegetable Tanned Leather

*All-in-one (Leash and Harness) Utility Patent Pending Design




NECK SIZE: 6" - 12" (15cm - 31cm)

CHEST SIZE: 8" - 14" (20cm - 35.5cm)


NECK SIZE: 10" - 16" (25cm - 40cm)

CHEST SIZE: 12" - 21" (30cm - 55cm)


NECK SIZE: 15" - 20" (38cm - 50cm)

CHEST SIZE: 20" - 28" (50cm - 70cm)

**Note: The Harness is designed to be adjustable in length but we recommend selecting a larger size if you prefer to use an extra long lead.



A | ADJUSTABLE PART’S LENGTH: MAX. 18”(46cm) - MIN. 13”(33cm)

B | FIXED PART’S LENGTH: 62"(158cm)

TOTAL LENGTH: MAX. 80”(204cm)

ROPE THICKNESS: Ø 0.315”(8mm)



A | ADJUSTABLE PART’S LENGTH: MAX. 22”(55cm) - MIN. 17”(43cm)

B | FIXED PART’S LENGTH: 67"(170cm)

TOTAL LENGTH: 89" (226cm)

ROPE THICKNESS: Ø 0.47”(12mm)



A | ADJUSTABLE PART’S LENGTH: MAX. 27”(68cm) - MIN. 21”(53cm)

B | FIXED PART’S LENGTH: 71"(170cm)

TOTAL LENGTH: 98" (249cm)

ROPE THICKNESS: Ø 0.47”(12mm)

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