Buckle-up Easy Dog Harness (Not Adjustable)




 One leg here, another one there, where does the head go – am I putting this on right?! Or My dog won’t even let me!

We get it. 

While the majority of harnesses may secure a dog when put on correctly, they are not designed with your pup’s comfort or your convenience in mind.  

Charlie’s Backyard has developed and patented a unique design that is both easy for the owner to put on and super comfortable for a dog to wear.  Hence the name – the Easy Buckle Up Harness.   

Why it’s EASY on your dog?

The sleek design and high quality materials like high-density air foam mesh make this harness soft, lightweight and breathable.  

charlies backyard airmesh

It feels more like a second skin rather than a thick, constricting torture device overwhelming and overheating your pup. 

The under strap does not chafe at the leg pits, there is no middle strap that puts pressure on the delicate trachea area, and the chest strap hits low enough where it doesn’t strangle your dog if they pull.        

Why it’s EASY on you?

It’s easy to put on!  There is one large hole for both legs, nothing goes over the head and just one simple buckle to secure the harness.    

It’s easy to clean and durable!  This harness is washing machine friendly.  The hardware and materials are high quality and won’t fall apart after extensive wear.


Please make sure to read the size guide in the last image or in the below tab.


- Easy to put on: Literally only takes a few seconds to put on

- 1-click buckle:  Lightweight, easy to click buckle to secure harness

- Double D-rings: Securely connects your dog to a leash

- High Density Air Foam Mesh:  Breathable cushioning that feels comfortable when in contact with your pup’s skin

- Unique Slim Design:  This patented harness is sleek looking, lightweight and comfortable!


*Please note: this is just a guide and fit may vary depending on body type/amount of fur.  This harness is not adjustable and best suited for dogs around 4.5-28lbs. If you have any questions on sizing, do not hesitate to reach out to us directly for assistance! *

S: 10-12"girth ~4.5-7.5lbs

S/M: 12-14"girth ~7.5-11lbs

M: 14-16"girth ~11-15lbs

M/L: 16-18"girth ~15-19lbs

L: 18-20.5"girth ~19-23.5lbs

XL: 20.5-23.5"girth ~23.5-28lbs


Is this harness adjustable? No, while this harness has a little give, it is not adjustable.  If your dog is between sizes then the Easy Adjustable Harness may be a better choice.  Please do reach out to us if you have any questions on sizing at hello@miamorepets.com

Can I return the harness if it does not fit? Yes, just don't throw out the tag it came with!  (We understand you have to remove it to try on, but just send it back in the same box with your return) 

My dog is an intense puller – how secure is this harness? The harness is very secure itself and not very easy to get out of; however if your dog is quite the escape artist we recommend a tighter fit. 

How long does US shipping typically take?  We ship out orders within 1-2 business days after the order is received.  Standard shipping should arrive in 3-7 days and expedited in 2-3 days.     

Do you ship abroad?  Yes, standard shipping costs should be in the range of $20-$30 USD.


Hand wash or machine wash gentle cycle - air dry.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Sarah Liebman
The Best Corgi Harness I've Tried!

Its been a challenge finding a harness that will fit and provide good functionality for my Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He will only tolerate step in harnesses, and his last one, that had a floating midline strap ended up rubbing away his fur and giving him a hot spot behind one of his front legs. This harness has no midline strap, which makes it so much easier to put on AND it stays on his chest, rather than wandering around and coming to rest between his front legs. 3 cheers for the Buckle up Easy Harness!

James Meyer
Great harness

We had the earlier version of this harness and loved that. This new on is a little less adjustable, but our dog’s chest is at the top of the range for the small harness so it fits very well. It is snug, no buckles irritate, soft and good quality.

Roger Mies
Nice but a little liose

The harnesses are nice fabric is comfortable. They are a little loose on both of my pets. Not completely happy but using them for now

Thanks so much for your feedback! You could try washing them in hot water and putting them in the dryer a bit - it could tighten them up a bit.

Marla Sanders
Comfort and Ease

Simplicity at its finest. Colour options needed. TY

Kathryn Curtis
One buckle harness

I have a 15LB Havanese. I purchased this in size Medium. It stretches out a bit from wear. I can now pull it out about an inch from his skin. As too tight is not comfy, that is fine. I bought this because the harness has only one buckle on top. I didn’t want buckles around his legs to avoid rubbing. He seems to like the harness.

Hi Kathryn, thanks so much for the feedback! We recommend washing in warm water and then throwing in the dryer for a little if the harness has stretched out a bit - should tighten up afterwards :)