WagWear Mojave Hot Weather Dog Booties

By wagwear

WagWellies® Mojave is the ultimate hot weather dog booties for paw protection. They look like dog crocs with perforated holes that make them lighter and allow for lots of ventilation. The open slits on each side make them easy to put on, while also creating a secure fit that will stay put even while on the run. This unique patented design is sturdy, comfortable and adorable. 

Don't let hot pavement or prickly plants stop your fur companion from having fun - Get your pup a set of Mojave Dog Booties today!  Sold as a set of 4.

Looking for a Rain/Snow Dog Shoe? The original WagWellies® "Wellington" Dog Booties can be found here.


Getting your pup used to wearing dog boots is a process. It is very normal to see an amusing high-step in the beginning. This is because they can’t feel the floor and it throws off their coordination, they need time to re-coordinate themselves. It may even take getting them outside and on with the walk before they start to realize that they can in fact walk & run as usual.  


The WagWellies® dog boots should fit snug, they can even need a little squeeze to get on. Although it might be a stretch to get through the opening - the paw will spread out in the cavity of the boot.  Less movement means more comfortable for your dog. It will feel more natural and there will not be any excess weight on the paws.

Position the strap under wagwear label to keep the front flap from moving.


Weight is only approximate in the size chart below - the best way to size your pup is to measure the paw.  To measure the paw length, place your dog's paw on a sheet of paper and mark the back of the paw pad and tip of the longest claw.

how to measure paw

Size Paw Length Paw Width Approx. Weight
XXS 1.5" 1.5" 4-10 lbs
XXSH 1.75" 1.625" 10-13 lbs
XS 2' 1.75" 13-25 lbs
S 2.5" 2" 25-32 lbs
M 3" 2.25" 32-47 lbs
L 3.5" 2.5" 47-65 lbs
XL 4" 2.75" 65-90 lbs
XXL 4.25" 3" 80+ lbs
3XL 4.5" 3.5" 100+ lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bruce’s magic shoes

These are perfect protection for my dog’s feet from the hot pavement. Bruce weighs 50lbs. and he is sporting the red, medium “crocs”.

Lori Lowell
Dog pink Crocks.

They go on a lot easier than the booties. I think my dog likes them much better than the booties.

crishana q jones

I'm so obsessed with these. My Aussie is 65LBS and I got him a large. They fit his feet so snug and they're easy for him to walk in. We always get so many compliments!!


Her left front dewclaw getting caught.


I love these little shoes for her, it helps with the rocks and the hot asphalt. But I have issues with her left front dewclaw getting caught. I don’t have issues with the right one. I need to figure something out or I need to send the shoes back because I don’t want her hurting when she’s wearing them.