Yule Log Interactive Snuffle Dog Toy


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This yummy yule log features hidden treat pockets plus crunchy and squeaky elements to stimulate every one of your pup's senses. Pamper your pooch this holiday season with this sweet treat!


  • Three places to hide treats:
    • Unfurl the treat pocket ribbon inside the branch
    • Hide treats in the slits on both sides of the log
    • Tuck treats in the "knots" in the bark
  • Two types of auditory stimulation:
    • Crinkle paper in the holly leaves
    • Heavy-duty squeaker inside
  • Four different textures provide tactile stimulation
  • Mesh lining on the inside helps prevent ripping
  • Measures: 9.4" x 5.5" x 3.1"

Did you know?

  • 10 minutes of sniffing= the same enrichment for a dog as a 1 hour walk
  • Taps into a dog's natural foraging instinct
  • Scent work stimulates the nose and brain
  • Releases energy, reduces stress, and manages boredom
  • Crinkle and squeaker also provide auditory stimulation


Machine wash in cold water. Air dry. 

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