Is putting a harness on your dog like a wrestling match? We get it. 

While most harnesses may secure a dog (when put on correctly), they probably aren't the easiest to get on and are not designed with your pup’s comfort or your convenience in mind.  

Why the Easy Buckle Up Harness is different.

#1 - It's EASY on your dog.

Charlie’s Backyard has developed and patented a unique step-in dog harness that is both easy for the owner to put on and super comfortable for a dog to wear.  Hence the name – the Easy Buckle Up Harness.   

The sleek design and high quality materials like high-density air foam mesh make this dog harness soft, lightweight and breathable.  

charlies backyard airmesh

The simple design feels more like a second skin rather than thick, constricting armor overwhelming and overheating your pup. 

The straps do not chafe at the arm pits or anywhere else.  No bald spots from a stiff strap rubbing against your pup's body.

This is a no choke designed dog harness.  There is no middle strap that puts pressure on the delicate trachea area, and the horizontal chest strap hits low enough where it doesn’t strangle your dog if they pull.   

Charlie's Backyard Buckle Up Harness

#2 - It's EASY on you.

It’s easy to put on!  There is one large hole for both legs, nothing goes over the head and one buckle simply secures the harness making it a breeze to get on and off your pup.      

Buckle up Harness Yellow


#3 - It's EASY to take care of.

It’s easy to clean and durable!  This harness is washing machine friendly.  The hardware and materials are high quality and won’t fall apart after extensive wear.

#4 - Hassle free returns & exchanges.  

Doesn't quite fit, got the wrong size - no worries! We offer hassle free returns and exchanges.


Don't just take our word on how awesome this harness is....

It's been a challenge finding a harness that will fit and provide good functionality for my Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He will only tolerate step in harnesses, and his last one, that had a floating midline strap ended up rubbing away his fur and giving him a hot spot behind one of his front legs. This harness has no midline strap, which makes it so much easier to put on AND it stays on his chest, rather than wandering around and coming to rest between his front legs. 3 cheers for the Buckle up Easy Harness!
— Sarah L.
This is a really unique design and my dog tolerates it! I’m so happy I’ve finally found a harness that works.
— Tara
Very happy with the quality and construction.
— Linda D.


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